Strategic Planning

If you have been searching for the type of firm and services that will help you achieve the results you are looking for, we can help. Our strategic planning services can help you achieve a breakthrough type of business growth by providing you with:

  • Comprehensive strategic planning that is tailored to your business and industry niche.
  • Leadership coaching and development for increased performance and productivity
  • Market research studies that reveal where the most opportunities for growth exist.
  • Marketing strategies that result in a greater ROI.

Having difficulty trying to develop a strategic business plan? Consider the following statistics where strategic planning – or the lack of it – is concerned:

  • 60% of all companies do not link their budgeting to their strategies
  • 80% of all corporate executive teams spend less than an hour discussing their strategies on a monthly basis
  • 90% of all companies do not successfully execute or implement their strategies.
  • 95% of the work forces in the US do not understand or have no idea what their company’s organizational strategy is.

At Digital Propel, we can help you change and improve your results by altering your planning process. The bottom line is that our strategic planning specialists can help you align your business plans with the goals and needs of your company. Call us today at 044-22681003 or +91 8056811448 to know more about our marketing and strategic planning services for your business.