search engine optimization

Digital Propel is one of the pioneers in Search Engine optimization (SEO) and have been helping business become forerunners in their industry by using ethical and organic SEO techniques. With SEO campaign management, we work with varied range of companies including small stores to multi-national corporations to assist then achieve the brand building and visibility they need.

Why Websites needs SEO

In internet marketing circles, SEO has long been considered the ultimate website traffic generator. Thus, if you have any hope of being successful in internet marketing, your website needs SEO because:

  • 85% of all consumer clicks result from organic searches (SEO) while only 15% result from paid posts.
  • Along with internet marketing, SEO strategies are the only marketing forms that can put your business and your products or services in front of your targeted audience.
  • 40% of all eCommerce websites use SEO

At Digital Propel, we use unique techniques including organic link-building, attractive landing pagesand so much more. Our team of expert Search Engine Optimization specialists to ensure that your website:

  • Builds brand awareness .
  • Higher visibility for your business.
  • Higher conversion rates

When used in conjunction with quality content marketing and home or landing pages, SEO is an extremely viable marketing tool. It will drive qualified leads andrelevant traffic to your website which in turn will generate more sales and profits. Digital Propel SEOcampaigns integrate online marketing, link building and social media channels to enable consumers to find your products or services, while building trust in your brand. Talk with SEO experts today at Digital Propel and we’ll be glad to answer your questions and queries. Call now!