Local Search

Online local search ensure that your business, products or services that you offer is listed quickly when people search locally. At Digital Propel, we ensure that important search ranking factors are taken into consideration whenever people are searching for your business and the products or services you offer locally. Our search specialists can show you how to drive more visitor traffic to your website and provide them with accurate information about your brand, company, and your products or services.

Latest statistics on local search and listings

As of June (2014) the latest information regarding search engine coverage and statistics revealed that:

  • Google accounts for nearly 70% of all local searches while Bing and Yahoo! accounted for 20% between them.
  • In the US alone, people performed 16.6 billion searches using the major search engines. With over 84% people searching for local businesses.
  • Sponsored study by Outbrain showed that local online search was the #1 traffic driver to websites. This was 300% higher than social media links.
  • Every month over 100 billion searches are done globally while 82% of the local searches result with a visit to the local stores, purchases or phone calls.
  • 93% of website browsing/shopping and online experiences start with an online search

With our local search services, your business will have a stronger online presence and you will be more visible in the SERP’s (search engine results pages). It is vital for you to rank well in the local search results, especially if you are running a small business so that your local customers can find you immediately. It is a fact that local searches converts into business more when compared with normal searches; so don’t miss out on the opportunity. List locally. We’ll be glad to be of assistance. Please give us a call at 044-22681003 or +91 8056811448 or contact us today.