Content Marketing

Digital Propel content marketing team knows that content is king. For your business to achieve success, provide your visitorswith interesting and relevant information. This will drive more visitors to your website, and help generate more sales and profits in the process. We have the expertise and knowledge to produce the type of content that your website visitors are looking for.Here are some facts:

  • Blog posts/articles over 1500 words get 22.6% more Facebook likes and 61.8% higher tweets.
  • Listed blog posts with photos/graphics and videos get nearly 567% higher links.
  • 80% people watch the video while 20% read the same content in text.
  • Business that blog regularly have 434% higher indexed pages which leads to more leads.
Content Marketing Statistics
  • 61% of all consumers base a part of their purchasing decision on content about the products or services they are interested in.
  • 78% of all consumers believe that companies who provide custom content are looking to build relationships with them.
  • 90% of all consumers find product content useful.

Content marketing is one of three primary reasons that consumers follow specific brands or products on social media platforms. Digital Propel content marketing specialists’team can assist you in improving the reach of your articles, building backlinks and increasing traffic through relevant channels and online communities, where your target audience can be found. Whether your content is informational or promotional, you will be able to address the interests, needs, and wants of your clients or customers. Call us today at044-22681003 or +91 8056811448 to know more about it.